A room with a view

Yesterday I moved into a new apartment! I’m sharing a house with six other women, each from a different country: France, Germany, China, Colombia, and Belgium. (We are a hot, multilingual casa. Can you imagine the pillow fights?) The women are here for various reasons; a few are college students, one is a teacher on sabbatical, and the other moved here for a job. They are all incredibly friendly and patient with my limited Spanish, which is great given that it’s the only language spoken in the house.

I have a fantastic private room upstairs– la habitaciรณn verde (the green room), so named because all the details in the room are green. All of the rooms in the house have a different color theme.

Why don’t I show you around?

Ze parlor:

Our kitchen:

The two floors:

My room!

But the best part of all is that this window…

Leads to a private rooftop terrace!

This was a huge attraction for me when I looked at the apartment. On my first night here my roommates and I made dinner together and ate it on the terrace, listening to the colectivos (buses) whistle as they sped by in the dark. I love being close to the sounds of an urban environment again. Hopefully I will make a lot more friends to invite over for dinners on the terrace.

View of the street:

3 thoughts on “A room with a view

  1. GREAT apartment! I love the terrace, I love the green, and I love the coziness. It sounds like a great living situation, and I know you’ll make tons of friends for rooftop parties.

  2. outdoors will be good for freelancing. can’t help but wonder from the pics whether you actually just moved to somerville and invented this whole moving farce just to get away from us.

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