Recoleta cemetery

Visited Recoleta cemetery this weekend with my friend Maike, a German girl I met a couple weeks ago. The cemetery’s stunning, just enormous; full of decay and gorgeously sculpted vaults with the city peeking in on all sides.

This is the tomb of a 15 year old girl. Her mother was so distraught that she applied to the city for permission to sleep at the girl's tomb every night until she recovered enough to go back to her house again.


Vault of a 19 year old girl who may have been buried alive. Her tomb design is unique in the cemetery because it features mostly curved lines.

Recoleta cemetery is completely engulfed by the city. As you walk through the rows of vaults, you'll suddenly find yourself facing an apartment building or shopping mall in the distance.


with Maike



7 thoughts on “Recoleta cemetery

  1. Thanks, D! Evita is buried here, too. I didn’t post pics of her tomb because they didn’t come out that great, but it was cool to see it– her vault was covered in flowers and there were tons of people there to visit.

  2. Very cool pictures! I am so glad that you are already meeting people. Those statues were so beautiful… art was better before computers.

  3. The vault with curved lines is Art Nouveau, quite possibly my favorite architectural style ever. If I had unlimited funds, I would build a whole house in that style. Or a Gothic cathedral. That was a pretty good time period as well. Decisions, decisions! It is perhaps fortunate that I will never have unlimited funds.

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