MEAT! (for Raquel)

Argentina is famous for its meat– particularly asado (grilled/barbecued meat of all kinds). I hadn’t had the chance to try any yet, so a few days ago my roommates Juli y Angeline took me to an AMAZING all-you-can-eat asado restaurant called Siga la Vaca (Follow the Cow). For about $25 USD, you get unlimited meat, sides (salad, mashed potatoes, french fries, and more), dessert, AND one bottle of wine/beer/soda per person. The experience was a strange mix of Argentinean and American sensibilities; an all-you-can-eat feast tapping into Argentinean tradition at an Argentinean pace (3+ hours for dinner). It was so good that when my friend Catherine and her amiga Katie arrived in Buenos Aires yesterday, I took them to Siga la Vaca for their first Argentinean dinner.

Left: blood sausage. Right: chorizo (not spicy). Northeast: no clue.

The flat circles are cow's intestines. I did not care for them before or after I discovered that they were cow's intestines.

pork ribs

I was a vegetarian once?

4 thoughts on “MEAT! (for Raquel)

  1. I want to go there.

    I’ll try anything once. I remember trying chicken hearts once at Brazilian BBQ, sort of on a dare, and being pleasantly surprised by how awesome they were. Intestines I’m less enthused about trying because they’re intestines, but I guess I’d have to try it before deciding to cross it off my list. :)

    • Mmm, chicken hearts are good! I had pig ears once and I liked those too. I’ll nibble on anything at least once. (LET THE JOKES ENSUE.)

      PS Finally got my hands on a chori, om nom nom.

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