Buena onda

Wow, so I haven’t updated in a while. But I assure you that it is for the best of reasons– I’ve been enjoying my life in Buenos Aires.

There’s an expression here that I love– buena onda (good vibes). It means exactly what it sounds like– when you meet someone or go somewhere that’s simpatico with you, there is buena onda. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing buena onda in many ways. Most of it stems from cultivating my relationships here– with my roommates, my amazing doña, and the friends that I’ve made– but I often find it in smaller encounters as well. It tickles me pink every time I find it.

Here are some things I’ve been up to lately:

  • Coffee + eating. I like both of these things a lot. I try to do ’em both every day.

  • Going out and drinking beer. It’s probably better if I don’t show you any pictures from this.
  • Tango + yoga! Today I took my first tango class; the university down the street offers a free group class once a week. It is one sexy dance. Otherwise I’ve found a great yoga studio down the street that I visit one or two times a week to get my Ohm on.

  • Studying español. Many weeks ago I met my friend Juan, a TV producer, at a language exchange event. We get together once a week to study English and Spanish. I’ve also started studying with my doña, Fernanda.
  • Hangin’ out with friends. I’ve met some really wonderful people here. Lately, I’ve felt particularly lucky to have all the people in my life that I do; not only the people I know here but also my friends from Boston and all over the world. I made some spectacular friends while I was in Boston, and my time here has reminded me just how many phenomenal people there are in this world. I’m having a great time finding them.


  • Un jardin. I’ve started a little jardin (garden) out on the terrace. Since I’m at home every day, I actually have time to water and care for my little beauties. So far there is una planta de frutilla (strawberry), tomate (tomato), cebolla verde (chives/green onion), and albohaca (basil). I also planted some semillas de rucula (argula seeds), which just started to germinate! I love the idea of coming up to the terrace and snipping off whatever I need when I’m cooking. And, since they’ve survived for five days so far, I’ve beat any personal record (or Stephenson record, for that matter) at keeping green things alive.

Thanks for reading, I miss you all. If you have the time or means, please come visit.

xo, L

5 thoughts on “Buena onda

  1. 1. A GARDEN!?!??!!?!?
    2. you look like that strawberry
    3. A GARDEN!??!!??!?
    4. for revenge, i am going to come to your garden and pinch/snap your green beauties
    5. ty 4 posting

    • Gracias, Fer! :)

      Yup, a garden. You can imagine how often I think of you whenever I water those beauts. And, I’ll have you know, the strawberry is turning a delicious-looking color of red. :D

  2. I love that you’re having a great time and experiencing good vibes!! Coffee, food, beer, yoga, dancing, and a garden = paradise. You’re living the dream, Stephenson. Keep on keepin on.

  3. Que linda!

    Very impressed by your garden. Congrats! And I love, love, love the pic of the strawberry.

    Here’s to strong coffee, fresh strawberries, and buena onda!

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