Cumples y roses

Last Sunday was the birthday of not one but TWO of my wonderful roommates, so we decided to celebrate by hacer un picnic (going on a picnic) in Palermo’s beautiful Parque Tres de Febrero.

We ate a lot of food…

Una torta de jamon y queso, sandwiches con salami y queso, una ensalada de pasta y atun, guacamole, vino...

Lounged and played in the sun…

And walked around the beautiful rose garden.

Jen, Angeline, Leentje, y Max (France, France, Belgium, France)

We had so much fun we decided to go on a picnic every month this summer. In short: BEST BIRTHDAY PICNIC EVAH

The birthday girls: Juliana (27) and Lucky (22)

Clockwise from left: Angeline (France), Fernanda (Argentina-- mi dona), Max (France), Juli (Colombia), Jennifer (France), yo, Joanna (China), Cindy (la madre de Lucky; visiting from South Africa), y Lucky (South Africa)

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