Noche de los Museos

Every year Buenos Aires sponsors Noche de los Museos (Night of the Museums), during which most of the city’s museums and cultural centers are free to the public for one evening until 3:00 a.m. This year nearly 150 locations were open, with offerings like art and photo exhibitions, tango lessons, and tours of the Teatro Colon.

My friend Maike and I visited a few places, but the first was my favorite: the Museo Casa Garlos Gardel. This museum was built inside the childhood home of Carlos Gardel, probably the most famous tango singer and songwriter in Argentine history. I didn’t know anything about him before we visited the museum, so it was neat to see preserved newspaper clippings and film recordings of this icon (check out one of his most famous songs, “Mi Buenos Aires Querido,” here).

But the best part of the evening was a group of tango singers performing outside el museo. This trio is called Tango a Tres Bandas, and they were really exceptional; they had great chemistry, and I pretty much fell in love with the voice of the singer on the left:

Afterwards, we went to an art museum and tried to blend in.

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