Excitement y adventures

January has been a good month! I’ve been working a lot, but I also did some writing on the side– and had an article published here! I’m hoping to do all kinds of writing as this year unfolds.

Alsooooo, in more exciting news, I’m going on vacation next week! (Have I met my exclamation mark quota yet?) I’m taking 3 weeks in February to visit northern Argentina and the Atacama desert in Chile. I am particularly excited about the latter; there are all kinds of geographical treats like geysers and salt plains. But best of all, as the world’s driest desert, the Atacama offers some of the best star gazing there is. I cannot wait to clutch my beating nerd heart in the freezing desert with a bunch of other constellation lovers. I’m also really looking forward to exploring small towns, traveling sola, and meeting other travelers– one of the best parts of wandering.

Here’s a quick itinerary:

  • Salta, Argentina
  • San Pedro de Atacama, Chile (Atacama desert)
  • Jujuy, Tafi del Valle, Pumamarca, Argentina– a collection of small towns in a beautiful part of the north where the mountains look like they’ve been painted
  • Cafayate, Argentina– huge three-day folklore festival called La Serenata

Talk to you soon. :)


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