Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day, all you mothers!

A couple weeks ago I had the great fortune of having my own mom visit for a week. We’d been talking about her coming down alone to visit for a while; one night while we were talking over Skype, I checked some flight prices and told her she should consider coming down soon to take advantage of a three-day holiday weekend (a week away). The next morning, she wrote me to tell me she’d bought the ticket– and was South America bound in 10 days!

Gotta love ’em, these spontaneous types.

So, very soon after that, my gorgeous mother and I embarked on her second tour of Buenos Aires– this time at a much slower pace and with much more coffee. :) We ate incredible food– Armenian, Argentine, Italian, you name it– and drank plenty of good Argentine Malbec. We even foiled a trio of pickpocketers (which we promptly celebrated with a dinner of steaks and wine.)

At this bakery, my mom oohed and aahed so much at all the desserts that the owner gave us free macaroons. :)

Exploring Chinatown and delicious cabbage-filled fried rice.

Gorgeous bookstore converted from an old theatre

After a few days of urban exploration, we headed outside of the city to San Antonio de Areco– a small, quiet town with a number of estancias (ranches) for people to visit. We hopped on a two-hour bus, where my mom got to try yerba mate, a strong tea drink that is incredibly popular in Argentina (she didn’t like it, but I am committed to dedicating my life to changing her mind someday. Mate is amazing.).

drinkin’ mate on the bus

We stayed at a cute bed and breakfast with a beautiful backyard…

The next morning we headed off to La PorteΓ±a for a day at the ranch.

This is not a tree– it’s a giant bush! Note how there is no main trunk, just a bunch of branches spouting from the ground.

My favorite part: we were followed the entire day by a family of six sheepdogs. It was pretty much my version of heaven.

Then we got our gaucho (cowboy) on and rode some very calm, amenable horses…

Followed by a delicious asado lunch and some traditional folklore music and dancing.

The day ended with some impressive tricks performed by the gauchos.

It was a wonderful week with my mother– a great reminder of how she is always there for me, listening without judgment. And more than that, she’s just a damn fun person to hang out with!

Thanks for all the stories, Mom, looking forward to next time. xo

Love, L

my favorite picture of us– from a family trip to Vermont a few years ago

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