Mi nueva casita!

A couple of weeks ago I moved into my new house– and it’s wonderful! Let me show you around:

walkway to the house

Courtyard– with parilla! (grill) Above is my own private terrace. :)

The house has two bedrooms– mine upstairs and the master bedroom below, which is occupied by the owner of the house, Felisa. She’s an interesting lady, about 60 years old, who works as the building administrator for several apartment buildings around Buenos Aires. Felisa reminds me a lot of my grandmother Pat– rough around the edges but good on the inside, once you find her chocolately center. She loves her grandkids more than anything else in this world. She’s also a damn fine cook who lets me stick my paws into whatever she’s making.

The house is in a great neighborhood called Villa Crespo. There are a ton of meat and vegetable shops and Arabic restaurants nearby. Plus it’s close to lots of public transportation and two neighborhoods that have a lot going on. So, I’m very happy with the location and the house!

the kitchen, with Felisa in action

weekends are days of disorder/cooking. :)

the stairs up to my room

my private bathroom– can you taste the 70’s?

cute welcome sign that Felisa’s granddaughter Lucia made. Starting Monday, I’ll be teaching English classes to Lucia and two of her buddies!

my bedroom! nice large bed with plenty of space.

seriously sufficient space.

It’s hard to see, but the room has two pretty accent walls painted turquoise. Bonus if you can figure out what the commercial on the TV is about.

And somehow, in yet another house I’ve managed to find a terrace. This time, I’m the only one who has access to it! (Except for two really cute cats who live outside. It’s the perfect pet scenario: they’re not allowed in the house, so I can go out and pet them for 30 seconds and then shut the door. No cats on keyboards/hair all over the bed for me.)

terrace! (with kumquat tree)

My bedroom is pretty large– large enough, in fact, to fit another mattress for anyone who might visit (which one friend has already taken advantage of, can’t WAIT to tell you about it). So, consider this an official invitation to come visit and stay with me. :)

Hope you’re taking care of yourselves!



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