El mercado en Avenida Balcarce

I’m back in San Telmo again, living in one of my favorite neighborhoods (also the first neighborhood I lived in when I came to Buenos Aires). My roommate Ande told me about a neat market nearby that’s only open on Saturdays, so after rolling my ass out of bed at 1 p.m., I went to check it out:

This is Larguirucho, a famous cartoon character in Argentina.

The market is small but has everything: fruits and vegetables; fresh fish, meat, and eggs; cereal and beans.

cereales: Argentina makes a lot of cereal, but oddly enough, Argentines really don’t eat that much of it.

having fun at work

zukini: a Spanglization

This market is one of several traveling markets that service different neighborhoods in the city with afforadable produce and goods:

C = C       concrete = canvas

I wanted to take photos of so many moments today: the old man grilling chicken thighs on a tiny parilla in the street; kids hanging out at the kiosco; a bright red muscle car slowly turning the corner on a cobblestone street. Each snapshot in my mind is like a love letter to this city, as if one day we will turn the pages of a photo album in bed together, remembering the days the came before.

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