Back in Argentina!

Hey everybody,

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. The good news is that I am happy and healthy and glad to be back in Argentina. Here’s what’s happened in the past few months:

1. Return to Gringolandia

At the end of December I went back to the United States for a month-long visit. It was WONDERFUL. It was exactly what my tired soul needed; a direct injection of friends and family. I spent three weeks in Florida with my parents, brother, and grandparents just hanging out and going out to eat whenever possible. Some of the highlights: spending a lot of downtime with my parents and going on walks; it was all refreshingly relaxed and normal and familiar. My grandparents moved into a retirement community in Ft. Myers just a few days before Christmas, so it was great to hop over and visit them whenever I wanted. They seem very happy in their new home and I am happy for them. I also got to spend some quality brother-sister bonding time with my brother when we spent a weekend in the Florida Keys fishing and making fun of each other whenever possible. (Surprise: he spoiled the absolute shit out of me.) Finally, I got to see my longtime friend Jessie, who is happily living with her boyfriend Chad and their friend Nick. It was nice to go back and see everybody so happy. :) 

I also spent a week in Boston and New York. (AAAH my love for New York continues undiminished.) In Boston I saw so many of my lovebirds: Coral, Raquel & Jeremy, Jordan, Adam, and all of my old friends from work (you know who you are, you awesome beasts). In New York I stayed with my partner in crime Laura and her husband Byron, and I got to see my good friends Jen, Chick, and John. (It was really strange to be in the city without seeing Derek, but more on that later.) I was hosted and wined and dined and generously spoiled by all of my friends. Some of my favorite moments include dashing straight out of Penn Station to eat my first bowl of pho in nearly two years, hanging out with Coral (anywhere and everywhere), attending a bizarre house party in Somerville, watching Adam’s band Poor Everybody in a dark bar and jumping in the freezing cold outside with Jordan, an amazing night and morning with the Tridals (CHEESE PLATE and MUFFINS!), Indian lunch and Central Park with Laura (oh my damselfish), breakfast with my work peeps, experiencing the HBO cafeteria and gabbing with John and Chick, and a night in Chinatown with Jen (fancy drinks & cupcakes). Thank you all for taking the time to meet up with me and reminding me how lucky I am to have you!!

I’ll be honest: in the later months of 2012, I found myself missing my family and friends quite a lot. It had been a year and a half since I had left the U.S. and said goodbye to of my friends; on top of that, seeing my parents and brother only once in that time was just not enough. The experience made me realize that I need to come home at least once a year to get my fix and reestablish those connections with the people I love. You all are so goddamn important to me, and if I missed you during this last trip home, I promise to see you next time.

2. Work

This is something I do sometimes! Fortunately the beginning of the year brought me some more freelance work, and I am continuing additional projects at the moment. I also got a great teaching schedule this year from my institute and I am really enjoying being in the classroom. All my first-year teaching nerves are gone and it takes me far less time to prepare for classes, which makes my life a lot more enjoyable.

3. Spanish

I’m now taking classes twice a week and I am kicking ass and taking names with this idioma.

4. Apartment

On Saturday I moved into a new apartment! I know you’ve seen me through many moves; I asked Pablo how many places I had lived in since he met me and the answer was five. (I think the grand total is six.) This time I was determined to find a more permanent location that would allow me to live alone. I had lived alone quite happily for a few months last summer, and it was a good experience because it coincided with a work project from hell and made me realize what my good and bad habits are when I am under stress. 

So enough of that, take a look at the video tour of my new apartment!!

The apartment is about the size of a studio, but it’s got a great divider in the middle of the main room that gives the apartment the feel of a one bedroom. Psychologically I certainly appreciate the feeling of having two separate spaces to move around in. 

Everything is well maintained and I pay a flat rate that includes all the bills and expenses. It’s in a very secure building in a nice residential neighborhood. I’m slowly exploring more and more of the neighborhood, and it’s great to be able to do whatever I want at nearly any volume and cooooooooooooooooook (plenty of counter space).

Below are some of the photos from my time in the U.S. Next week my parents are coming to visit and we’re going to explore the cities of Mendoza and Cordoba! I am really looking forward to it.

Take care and much love,










3 thoughts on “Back in Argentina!

  1. What a fantastic post! So glad to hear about your travels, and I loved your video tour! :) Glad you are well.. xoxo

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