The adventure is over.

That’s a horrible title for this post, but we’ll get back to that later. The point is: I’m moving back to the United States for the foreseeable future. My time here in Argentina ends on December 19.

A lot of people have asked me why I decided to move back, and the easiest answer is the truth: it just felt like it was time. Of course a lot of factors impacted this decision: feeling satisfied with my teaching experience and being ready to give it up; wanting to explore my career options back in the U.S.; missing my family; watching my friends grow their lives and not being nearby to celebrate it with them; a horrible breakup. Everything came together to a point where I felt a certainty in my gut that I knew I shouldn’t ignore–it was time to go back to the homeland.

So, back to this term “adventure.” Pablo asked me once why I came here, and I gave a bunch of reasons, all related to job experience and learning Spanish and, most importantly, the opportunity to live abroad, which I had always wanted to do. And he succinctly summed up the root idea I was dancing around: I was looking for an adventure. 

He was absolutely right. Though I was happy in Boston, I wanted something more. My time in Argentina exceded and laughed at all my expectations. You will get at least one mushy post in the future about how much I love this place, even though I have decided to leave it.

But at the end of just over two years, I would not call this experience an adventure. In a way, there’s no doubt that it was. How can moving to a new country where you don’t know anybody, barely speak the language, and build a new life NOT be an adventure? But for me, I consider it to be part of my life. It is and was my life. It wasn’t something I did out of frivolity. I chased a dream and got damn lucky to see it happen. And during all that I met wonderful people, saw amazing parts of the world, and got some great career experience. I suppose I consider it to be a very meaningful and lucky two years in the overall stretch.

But, now, this part of the adventure is over (life being the overall adventure, ha ha). I know there will be parts that are brighter and darker than this. Maybe a bit more boring and orderly, according to U.S. standards of living. :) I’m not going to use a chapter metaphor because good God that has been done to death, but, of course, the next parts await.

A lot has happened since I last wrote. I went to the Dominican Republic and had a (possibly) final chapter with Cucuyo. I went home for a week. I went to Brazil and northern Argentina. My dear Charlie came to visit me.

Stories to come soon. :)



4 thoughts on “The adventure is over.

  1. The title! Ahhhh! What a great post my dear dear friend. You have an amazing perspective on life and that’s why people are attracted to you like a fly to pecan pie.

    Laura Vaughn Holcomb,cmi spanish-english interpreter | ​director of cucuyo

    ​| 347-770-2681 | ​ minas gerais, brasil

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